About Song Long

About Song Long

Song Long provides reputable, professional and fast debt trading services. With just a simple procedure, you can cooperate with us. Above all, we are committed to giving customers confidence when choosing to use Song Long's services.


Stay Ahead

Is one of the pioneers in the field of handling bad debts. We are committed to always bring to our customers the best debt handling solution, in compliance with the law.

Credibility - Professional

Each debt is evaluated and we offer an optimal and effective settlement solution. Along with that is the reputation of Song Long brand which has been confirmed for many years.

Core Values

Loyalty to the company & Reputation to customers. Customer Care & Colleagues Support. Professional manners & Effective work. Long-term cooperation & Sustainable development.

24/7 Support

Diverse contact method, suitable for all needs of customers. Whenever you need assistance. Please contact us immediately for advice

Effective - Fast

Develop a standard working process, short processing time. With a team of staff, experts with many years of experience, legal knowledge and being sifted through practical experience.

Optimal security

Customers' information will always be confidential when working with us



Ms. Thuc Dan

Director of Khang Viet Company

"At first, I always wondered about buying and selling debt. But because he wanted to reclaim money, he decided to cooperate with Song Long. Initially, I don't think Song Long's scale is so large and professional, from the staff's service attitude as well as efficiency, I quickly recovered my debt, I really believe and Peace of mind to recommend to loved ones if they have a need."

Mr. Nguyen Nghia

Chief Accountant of Gono Vietnam

"Song Long Debt Trading Company is our reliable partner for many years, always professional and efficient. We will continue to cooperate."

Ms. Huong Hoang

Can Tho

"I think this field is very good, can get money back quickly but is very assured, does not affect any risks."

Ms. Le Thi Ha

SEO marketing staff

"I am an office worker, if I accumulate a little money, a friend borrowed money to take care of my work, but could not claim. In 2 years I was so tired and thought to be lost, but thanks to the support of Song Long company my money was in my pocket."


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